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Ethical issues of a digital storytelling workshop

It’s from the upmost importance to instill trust and safety in the group. Participants’ physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being should be at the center of all phases of the project.  Strategies to ensure the well-being of vulnerable participants are particularly important. Those participants who are sharing stories about especially painful life experiences should be supported in approaching their narratives from a position of strength rather than from a vantage point that reinforces victimization. Facilitators should maintain appropriate boundaries at all times while remaining open to processes of listening and understanding. Finding these boundaries is not always easy. We discuss this during the webinar.

Presentation by 
​Veronique De Leener 

In a digital storytelling workshop, the role of the facilitator is extremely important. He/she has to balance between the coaching of the learners and taking care of the autonomy and the personal choices of the digital story's maker. In a story circle, participants can show their insides making them very vulnerable. The role of the facilitator is to handle difficult situations and lead the group through them.

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