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How to enhance global citizenship and human rights knowledge of low-skilled adult learners? 

Are you an adult trainer or teacher? Do you think your learners should know more about human rights and global citizenship? 
In this webinar we will show you some pathways to organise discussion in the classroom based on the photo language set we developed about the Human Rights Charter. 
Presentation by
Veronique De Leener

Low-skilled people are more likely to face human rights violation due to their status. They are marginalised and don't know their rights or, even if they know their rights, they don't know the way to make their rights respected.
Many migrants and refugees are in difficult situations according to housing, healthcare, labour, ...... They are learning the language of their "new" country and following courses to enhance their skills.

​Adult education can enhance the knowledge on human rights during language or other classes. Huristo project made a photo language set to set up group discussions and make digital stories about this topic. In this webinar, we will talk about the need for global citizenship in adult education and we will give some examples for the use of the photo language set in the classroom. 

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