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Why digital storytelling can boost adult education?

Everyone likes to tell stories. But not everyone believes that their story could have an added value for others. Mostly, low-skilled adults are convinced that their story is not interesting enough to be heard. During this webinar, we try to make you understand that digital storytelling with low-skilled adults can be a really interesting experience to boost all kind of skills of your learners: digital skills, linquistic skills (write and read their story), presentation skills, colleboration skills. Before the start of a digital storytelling project, the learners don't really understand the meaning of the exercise, but at the end, when they finish their story, the learners are very proud of their digital story and they are very empowered. This is an experience worth to try out with your learners!
Presentation by Veronique De LeenerĀ 

In this webinar, you will learn how digital storytelling can help you, as a trainer, to boost your work with adults.

This webinar is a part of the learning process for adult trainers who want to work with low-skilled adults about global citizenship and human rights.

I will organise 4 webinars on this topicĀ in June 2018.

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